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The flexible and modular machine series for non-destructive inspection of gears

With the BAT G series, you can carry out a complete inspection of the mechanical properties of your gears non-desctructively.

The different models of the series allow you to choose between statistical process control or 100% production control.


Reduce the cost of inspection

Inspect heat treatment and grinding processes without destroying a single part. 

By eliminating scrap and labour costs, our customers report savings of up to €100,000/year. 

Increase productivity

Avoid destructive testing that takes hours and reduce inspection time to minutes or seconds. 

Do not stop production while you inspect and increase your productivity by up to 8%.

Minimise incidents and non-quality costs

With the BAT G series, you choose to check 100% of the parts or perform a statistical process control. 

Reduce the interval between inspections and avoid accidents that can cost millions of Euros. 

Operate a user-friendly machine

You will get clear instructions and an interface specifically designed for plant personnel. 

This makes operation, maintenance and result interpretation extremely intuitive.

Implement new part types

The BAT G series offers you an automatic model changeover for a wide range of products. 

Learning new models is simple and, in many cases, you can do it yourself.

    • 1

      Load/unload options

      Robotic or manual loading. 

    • 2

      Degrees of inspection automation

      Fully automatic or semi-automatic inspection with operator intervention.

    • 3

      Sensor head

      Modular design for quick change of sensor heads. 
      Optimized configuration adapted to your production requirements.

    • 4

      Multi-variable sensors

      Simultaneous measurement of multiple electromagnetic variables, obtaining greater accuracy.

    • 5

      BAT Software

      Software specifically developed for easy machine operation and intuitive interpretation of results.

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