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Continuous support for our customers

We support you in every step of your journey to zero, from the first developments that justify the business case, to the end-of-life of the delivered products.

Application development

We constantly develop new applications. When required, part of our sales cycle is to perform a proof of concept in which we adapt our technology to the specific needs of our customer’s application. Contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to analyse the feasibility of the project / application.

Metallurgical analysis

A fundamental part of the process of studying new NDT applications is to correlate our electromagnetic signals with the data obtained from destructive testing.

You can rely on our cutting-edge equipment to prepare the samples and perform the necessary metallurgical analysis. The result: we speed up the process and reduce development costs.

Maintenance and technical support

All our projects include a full maintenance plan with scheduled tasks and our recommended spare part package, with an end goal in mind: to maintain equipment efficiency and avoid unplanned downtime.

On top of this, we proactively offer our support to the production and maintenance teams in the plants to improve the performance of the equipment.

Spare parts

We deliver a detailed spare part list and the bill of materials as part of our documentation package.

We also recommend the spare parts that you should keep in your facilities. Additionally, we provide full support when the plant requires assistance, keeping a stock of critical components ready for dispatch, to avoid downtime and ensure a quick recovery.

On demand, we offer agreements focused on express delivery or consignment.


Not only do we deliver intuitive and usable products, but we also provide training plans so that end users operate and maintain the equipment properly.

We support our training with detailed documentation such as 3D images and videos to make learning easy and fun.

Improve your processes. Avoid surprises and extra expenses.