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One more step in the advance inspection of heat treated parts


Non destructive inspection measurements in complex geometry parts and deep heat treated cases

LINQ adds a new block to its product portfolio, with the development of a system that allows inspecting the heat treatment of complex geometry parts. Together with its technological partner, CEIT, LINQ has developed a solution to control the mechanical properties of parts after heat treatment.
With this solution, LINQ customers will be able to save hundreds of thousands of euros per year by controlling the quality of their parts without having to destroy them. This feature opens a new paradigm in the inspection of these parts, since it makes it possible to control 100% of the pieces as opposed to the current situation, in which users verify pieces statistically, 1 per shift, per day or even per week, exposing themselves to great risks in the event of a faulty treatment.
This solution also makes it possible to drastically reduce the costs of the inspection itself, by avoiding the cost of scrapping the part. One LINQcase customer estimated the cost of destructive inspection per line at €100,000/year; costs that this development will help to eliminate.
This technology has been developed together with the CEIT research institute, a member of BRTA, within the framework of the CONTRAT project, which has been financed thanks to the Hazitek program of aid for industrial research projects or experimental development of the Basque Government.